Cassandra & Derek Engagement

On Saturday I got to do two of my favorite things- engagement pictures and fishing!  Combining these two things was a dream come true for me.  The three of us met at Mayhew Lake and took pictures in the chilly 12 degree temperatures.  Because of the cold we had to warm up in the cars several different times.  After we captured a lot a great pictures we donned our fishing clothes and hit the lake.  Not long after setting up Derek caught a northern pike on his tip up!  Thank you Cassandra and Derek for inviting me on this fun trip with you and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

1 -Cassandra-Derek-st-cloud-wedding-photography-engagement-fishing-snow
2 -Cassandra-Derek-st-cloud-wedding-photography-engagement-fishing-snow
3 -Cassandra-Derek-st-cloud-wedding-photography-engagement-fishing-snow
4 -Cassandra-Derek-st-cloud-wedding-photography-engagement-fishing-snow
5 -Cassandra-Derek-st-cloud-wedding-photography-engagement-fishing-snow
6 -Cassandra-Derek-st-cloud-wedding-photography-engagement-fishing-snow
7 -Cassandra-Derek-st-cloud-wedding-photography-engagement-fishing-snow
8 -Cassandra-Derek-st-cloud-wedding-photography-engagement-fishing-snow
9 -Cassandra-Derek-st-cloud-wedding-photography-engagement-fishing-snow
10 -Cassandra-Derek-st-cloud-wedding-photography-engagement-fishing-snow