Crystal & Jeremy’s Ice Fishing Wedding

When I heard about this wedding, I was so excited to be a part of it!! I love ice fishing so it was a perfect match! Crystal and Jeremy are super into ice fishing so of course the wedding was held on the ice! The groomsmen had ice fishing bibs and hoodies while the ladies had lovely dresses with shawls. It was a beautiful, but cold ceremony.

The original plan was for there to be tip-ups surrounding the ceremony site. If a tip-up went off during the ceremony, they would pause the service and run and get the fish!! The temperature outside ended up being -22 without wind-chill so they just had one tip-up staged in the back. After the ceremony, one of the groomsmen signaled "flag!" and the couple ran to get to the fish. Unfortunately, Crystal tripped on her way. Fortunately, she didn't get hurt and instead smiled and laughed it off.

After the ceremony, I was able to capture a couple of fun pictures of the couple catching a few fish, and for their honeymoon, the couple traveled through Canada on an ice-fishing trip!! What a fun couple!! Congratulations Crystal and Jeremy!