Hanna & Johan’s Wedding

I was invited to photograph a wedding in Borlänge, Sweden in September. The cute town is about three hours northwest of Stockholm. My daughter, Kaitlyn, was invited to shoot the video.

The day started off bright and early at Johan’s apartment in Falun, Sweden.  We then headed to Snobben Hårdesign (the snob hair design) where Hanna was getting ready.  We took lots of pictures of the rings and of course the beautiful bride! 

We went across the street to Läroverksparken, a cute park for the first look and pictures.  It was lightly raining outside but the bridal party had things taken care of with umbrellas. It was so cute how they would hold the umbrellas over the couple as I was getting ready for the next shot and then right before I started shooting would take the umbrellas away.

Next, we went to a scenic field by Johan’s parent’s house and took many fun pictures of the bridal party.

The ceremony was held at Torsångs kyrka, a church built in the 13th century!  It was such an amazing experience to be shooting a wedding in such a majestic building with so much history!  The reception was held in a building right next to the church.  It is a Swedish tradition that after dinner (which was amazing), the couple’s family and friends put on a show that lasts for hours!  There was singing, poems, skits and games.  Every hour or so there was a break from the show for a round of dessert!  By the third round I was way too full to even try the beautiful cake!

The couple was sent out in a special sparkler send-off with their family and friends gathered around!  Congratulations Hanna and Johan!!