Markus & Emelie Wedding

The highlight of the summer was doing a wedding for some very good friends in Stockholm, Sweden! It was such an honor to photograph Markus & Emelie’s special day. I arrived four days before the wedding and got to hang out with Markus & Emelie. We scoped out various locations for the wedding-day photos and went to Gamla Stan (Old Town) to do some engagement pictures. Gamla Stan is one of my favorite spots in the world to take photos…so it was really sweet of the couple to go there with me in the few days before their wedding!
Swedish weddings are so much fun! First they had a beautiful ceremony in Markus' parent's backyard in the Stockholm suburb of Täby. Afterwards the couple arrived at the reception location in a Mini Cooper. Previous to that all the guests lined up with their balloons and champagne glasses, and learned a little dance to do when the couple arrived. It was so fun and festive. After the meal, it is Swedish tradition for friends and family of the couple to put on a program. Various small groups of friends and family sang songs & did skits for about two hours. It was great to see their friends investing so much time and effort in order to honor and celebrate this couple. The band for the evening was a group of their friends who provided great music for the rest of the evening. Thanks Markus & Emelie for inviting me to be part of your wedding day!
Now that I have my international travel approved camera bag to hold all my gear, I’m ready to go anywhere in the world!

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