Lorie Line 2018

It was an honor to take photos at the Lorie Line concert in St. Joseph, Minnesota!  Lisa plays the piano and has loved Lorie's music for over 25 years.  Lorie's books are her favorite to sit down to play from whether at home or for an audience.  The arrangements that Lorie puts together are so beautiful.  

It is always a highlight to get to hear Lorie Line perform along with the wonderful musicians she brings with her on tour!  Our favorite part of the concert is when she lets the audience shout out titles of their favorite songs-  she quickly writes down about 25 titles and then on the spot sits down and plays an amazing medley of the requested songs.  She is so talented!

We were truly blessed to be at this concert and hear Lorie and her husband share the true meaning of Christmas through their words and music.  Thank you Lorie Line!

One Response to “Lorie Line 2018”

  1. Marian Sand

    Absolutely one amazing,talented lady and also the rest of her crew. Super show just amazed watching them all perform…what a bunch of talented musicians. Absolutely a must for anyone that loves music and instruments.